◎Name of University: Mackay Medicine, Nursing & Management College
Address: No.92, Shengjing Road, Beitou District, Taipei 11272 , Taiwan, R.O.C
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◎ Introduction
1.Departments and Academic Features
Department of Nursing
Embracing the concept of holistic nursing care as educational philosophy, the Department of Nursing is dedicated to preparing our
students to be competent nursing professionals with critical thinking ability and caring spirit. Students learn all aspects of professional nursing knowledge,skills and attitudes through systematic instruction. And we anticipate our graduates will carry with them the
following core competencies, skills and values to become competent entry-level nursing professionals that patients and their families can rely on: clinical nursing skills, basic biomedical science knowledge, critical thinking ability, communication skills and ability to
coordinate and cooperate, accountability, ethics value, caring, and life-long learning.
Department of Early Childhood Care and Education
With its philosophy emphasizing the whole-person education, the Department of Early Childhood Care and Education aims to cultivate professionals in0-12 childcare services and industry. Our mission is to provide professional early child education and childcare
knowledge and skills to educate students to be mid-level professionals. Based on our educational objectives and features, the Department has developed our program-based curriculum and built upfeature courses. Childcare and talents education ability is the essence of our program-based curriculum which includes required courses to build up ourcore features and elective courses for the extended features.
We have recruited teachers with professional knowledge, expertise and industry experience. We have developed program-based
curriculum which offers professional knowledge and skills as well as industry application, and started university-industry cooperation projects and extended courses.
Department of Management of Food and Beverage
In response to the trend of a flourishing food and beverage industry and the massive need for professionals, the Department of
Management of Food and Beverage has set its educational objective - to train professionals and to ensure job security upon graduation.
In addition, according to the study by National Youth Commission, the priorities that corporate employers seek are work attitude,
working abilities and professional abilities. Hence, we place emphases on the management of industry and services and the creation of a professional and authentic learning environment.
Department of Cosmetic Application and Management
In order to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of beauty service personnel, to advance the service quality and to provide
experts for cosmetics industry, the Department of Cosmetic Application and Management aims to train students to provide professional beauty service, and cosmetics technical personnel who possess humanistic quality, arts sensitivity, professional versatility and notion of cosmetic medicine.
Department of Applied Foreign Language
Our mission is to train students to be mid-level language professionals with global view and proficiency in international languages. We train students to lay a solid foundation for all four areas of English learning - listening, speaking, reading and writing and to incorporate their English proficiency with the expertise of their specialized area to become more productive in their career. Our educational philosophies are: 1. Professional Knowledge and Skills; 2. Global Perspectives; 3. Innovative Thinking; and 4. Respect and Caring. Our educational objectives are: 1. Solid English Ability; 2. Versatile Employability; and 3. Sound Characters.
Department of Geriatric Care
Adhering to our school motto, “Better to go up in flames than rust away”, the Department of Geriatric Care aims to train student with professional expertise, humanistic quality as well as caring for community. Our mission is to provide quality education whole-heartedly, and to train mid-level professional geriatric service personnel in a systematic way based on our education goal, professionalism,
dedication, caring, service with vision and by integrating geriatric health care knowledge, theory, application, certificates and lifelong learning so as to comply with social need and educational policies.
2.We offer a foreign student scholarships, per person $ 166 per month, places a person
1. Academic Programs & Language of Instruction
● Department of Nursing (Chinese)
● Department of Early Childhood Care and Education (Chinese)
● Department of Management of Food and Beverage (Chinese)
● Department of Applied Foreign Language (Chinese)
● Department of Cosmetic Application and Management (Chinese)
● Department of Geriatric Care (Chinese)
2. Tuition and Fees:
Estimated Tuition/Academic Year (USD)
Junior College
First to Third Year
Junior College
Fourth to Fifth Year
3. Admission Requirement
Submission Dates for Application
May 1st to July 31st
Document review
4. Dormitory
Dormitory Type
Room Type
Fee/Academic Year (USD)
Sanzhi Campus Dormitory
4 borders/room
Kwan-tu Campus Dormitory
8 borders/room